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TeaWithinMe is for Organ Vitality

- Go Within -

Our Organ Vitali-tea blends and training program integrate optimal health with a conscious lifestyle.  We have selected the world’s finest ingredients and combined them in a way known to regulate, clarify and harmonise.  Each of our five Organ Vitali-tea blends have an affinity to it’s corresponding organ; realigning your body.

Our company is founded on the philosophy of fully integrated health and wellness.  That is why we have created a holistic program to support our line of organ vitali-tea herbal blends.  This is more than just tea.  This is an opportunity to align with a lifestyle that vibrates in harmony with your highest potential. 

In order to create union between the mind, body and spirit, we have combined our herbal blends with the healing power of ancient practices such as Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Upheld by thousands of years of tradition, these practices have become a bedrock for conscious lifestyles all over the world.

Every part of our training has been carefully designed to tune your body and mind to a frequency that supports inner union.  When combined with our Organ Vitali-tea blends, you will be inviting transformation from the inside, out.  

Join us for a journey of rediscovery.  It’s time to Go Within. 

Tea Within Me Manifesto

I am a spiritual being having a human experience. 

The point of life is to be a point – a reference point for others.​

I don’t let external circumstances dictate to me what’s important.​

I am not defined by family, country or society.

I train my mind and body to listen to my soul.​

I am vital and victorious.

Me Within Me is the Purity. Me Within Me is the Reality. Me Within Me is the Grace. I am the Master of the Space.

Amrit Singh

Founder, Chinese Herbalist, Numerologist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Acupuncturist, Spiritual Life Coach.

I have always been interested in how to harness the power of the mind in order to heal the body.  And conversely, how to harness the power of the body to heal the mind. This quest has led me to study alternative medicine, become a shiatsu practitioner, acupuncturist, herbalist and finally a Kundalini yoga teacher trainer and numerologist.

The Organ Vitali-tea blends and Organ Vitality training are the intergration of my lives work; to bring harmony to mind, body and soul.

Within Me Academy

Teachings for achieving whole body nourishment

Training for inner transformation

Our trainings are designed to promote integration throughout your entire being, guiding you in going beyond physical restrictions and transcending limiting beliefs.


The regular drinking of our teas will help you to regulate, clarify and harmonize your system.

The Organ Vitali-tea herbal infusions have an affinity to each of the five corresponding organs to create the internal alignment you need to feel at your best.


Known as the Mother of All Yoga’s; Kundalini Yoga helps to break through mental, physical and emotional blockages.

We also draw on other sacred excercise traditions such as Zen imagery excercises and Yin Yoga.


Meditation is a time to be with yourself, connect with your breath, be present to the life force in your body, re-establish your own rhythm and talk to your higher self. 

Meditation is between you and YOU.

Your body is your teacher

The five major organs of the body can be explained as a cast of archetypal characters; each with a unique personality, a set of gifts, and a unique function.

When this team is functioning in harmony, they bring our bodies into alignment with a universal flow of supportive energy.

Connecting to and supporting our organs can be done through a combination of herbs, yoga postures, meditations, mantras, foods and more.

Organ specific yoga flows and meditations

Come to know yourself through the sacred teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Chinese Medicine and Karam Kriya Numerology

Liver | the teacher

The Liver is part of the tree/ether element and is the teacher. Healing is through the word. A bridge between the spiritual and material realms it is the capacity to bring your hignest ideals into existence. It is the force of our creativity. Like the tree let us have strong roots to move past obstacles and reach for the sky. Key themes; Regeneration, transformation, flexibility & embracing change. Key thought; I am not a woman, I am not a man, I am not a person, I am a teacher.

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Lungs | the artist

The Lungs are part of the metal/air element and are the artist. Also the warrior, poet and lover. Known to give us a natural sense of justice. Since everything is just as it should be let's first be grateful for all that we have. Key themes; presence, faith, trust, expansion, an attitude of gratitude. Key thought; No I do not, not trust.

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Heart | the leader

The heart is part of the fire element and is the Leader. The spirit shines through it giving us an alert mind and our joy for life. Let us learn to be happy without reason. Key themes; projection and protection, calm and regulate, forgiveness. Key thought; happiness is our birthright.

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Kidneys | the wise ones

The Kidneys are a part of the water element and are the wise ones. They are seen as responsible for our willpower and our ability to use our energy wisely. Storehouses of vitality they are our link to the infinite. Acknowledging that we are a drop in the ocean let us merge again with the source of all to relax and receive. Key themes; Compassion, discrimination, the know-how of the no. Key thought; Eliminate to illuminate.

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Spleen | the master

The spleen is part of the earth element and is the master. Described as the transporter and distributor of energy, it has the power to regenerate, bring focus and establish intention. Key themes; patience, endurance, subtlety, mastery. Key thought; If I do not go within I go without.

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Are you ready to upgrade your practice?

Join us on the Organ Vitality Training!

Using a combination of video lectures, articles, and experiential training, including yoga and meditation, the Organ Vitality training will provide you with a profound understanding of how to create a healthy lifestyle.

Dive deep with Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Kundalini Yoga includes all aspects of yoga; postures, mudras, breath work, meditation, chanting and relaxation.

Known as the Mother of all yogas it is a technology for anyone to achieve their maximum creative potential, and in doing so free themselves from karma. 

“In my own personal spiritual journey I have found Amrit Singh to be an outstanding and authentic teacher. His down-to-earth and straight talking approach is a breath of fresh air in an area often shrouded in mystical jargon. He has a real ability to ‘poke, provoke and elevate’ his students whilst at the same time remaining humble and accessible as a teacher. With an extensive knowledge to draw upon he is also able to really personalise the students experience for maximum results. You would be hard pushed to find a more experienced and genuine teacher working in London today.”

Paul Crawford

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Herne Hill

There's a Whole World Inside You. Go Within.

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TeaWithinMe is a company that believes in social responsibility and giving back to the global community, helping the environment, and doing our part to promote a variety of diverse socially-conscious organizations:

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Inspired action

TeaWithinMe is a company that believes in social responsibility and giving back to the global community, helping the environment, and doing our part to promote a variety of diverse socially-conscious organizations:

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