Organ Vitality Online Training

You can become the master of how you think and feel.

Organ Vitality Online Training

You can become the master of how you think and feel.

Why most people can't break free from chronic health problems (and how you can succeed)

These and many other diseases are widespread and noone seems to have answers to the devasating and limiting effects they have on people’s lives. Sometimes they are passed off as ‘hormonal‘ or psychosomatic.

If the illness is recognised there isn’t always an effective treatment for it, or the side effects of the medication prescribed makes things worse. Other times chronic health problems are misdiagnosed and all the while patients continue to suffer. 

Are you are fed up wasting time and money going from one doctor or alternative practitoner to another, without a lasting resolution to your problems?

If so, what you need is to build a comprehensive understanding of your body and experience it’s self healing capacity. To take a deeper look through the major organs of the body, the endocrine glands, the brain and how to create a new relationship with them.

Nowadays, people around the world are restoring their health through the ancient systems of Chinese and Ayurverdic medicine. By applying the knowledge of the Jing Jin tendonomuscular organisation, chakras of your body, and other aspects of esoteric and western anatomy

But do you know YOU CAN as well? By applying that knowledge you can find certain techniques and strategies that very few are using to their advantage.

When you add the most up to date information on how to detoxify the body through diet, herbal remedies and supplements, you’ll be amazed by how powerfully this actually works!

Finally, combine Kundalini Yoga and meditation, to put your body and mind in service of your souls higher purpose and so fulfill your destiny.

Train your body and mind to serve you, even if you've never practiced yoga or meditation

We know it can be hard to kick start the healing journey. So we come with you step by step, a friendly guide through the basic to the most advanced tools that you need to uncover the root of your health problems, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Thousands of people are still making the same old mistakes that keep them sick, confused and lost. But once you know your body and mind more deeply, you know what to do to maintain your health.

These are some of the strategies that anyone looking for serious improvement to their health and lifestyle should consider. Once you understand the principles we will share with you, you’ll find it easier to embrace your gifts, stop self sabotage and take back the happiness that is your birthright.

In other words, the tools and strategies will become your roadmap to shine the light on who you really are.

Healing through food, herbal teas & supplements

Get your health back

Find out how to strengthen, balance and cleanse with herbal remedies, foods and supplements. Learn how to combine foods and herbs most effectively for specific symptoms and condtions.
Learn how energy moves through the body, when it is blocked and how to unblock it. Move yourself back to health and, most importantly, maintain those changes.


A cleansing of the subconscious

A way of observing the social and intellectual programming you have received. See how the most complex of your feelings project out into your life. Eliminate negative self-talk, boredom, frustration...

Through the daily practice of meditation we stop our mind running rings around us. We start to see life less in terms of what we are doing and more about how we are doing it. Then our focus and intention opens us up to life as a continuous blessing.

Kundalini Yoga

Turn emotion into devotion

Kundalini Yoga is known as the ‘Mother of all Yogas’ because all other forms of yoga stem from it. Postures, mudras, breath work, meditation, chanting and relaxation are all included, as well as ethical and lifestyle considerations.

It gives you the awareness of what it means to be happy by teaching you what you need to do to improve the quality of your life, and the energy and endurance to follow through on those things.

Why train with the WithinMe Academy?

My name is Amrit Singh, and I’ve experienced and overcome chronic health problems in myself and helped my clients and loved ones do the same. In my journey of +30 years as a health practitioner and Kundalini yoga teacher trainer, I am confident I offer you the most comprehensive programme for restoring the alignment of body, mind and soul to overcome your health challenges.

Join a growing community! Come to know your body and maintain your health. Use your newfound sense of wellness to serve your soul’s higher purpose. 

After sharing the teachings with hundreds of students throughout Europe (Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sardinia, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Turkey and the UK), here is what they say:

“I had forgotten it was possible to feel this alive.”

R. Kaur, Holistic Health Consultant. Middlesex

your new life awaits

Reverend Dr. Rosie Andrious

– Chaplain

Kevin Thornhill

– Business Consultant

Hayley Bell

– Holistic Therapist

What will you learn?

How does it work?

The Organ Vitality Online Training program is designed to bring your body and mind into alignment through a combination of webinars and Q&A’s, videos, yoga sets, meditations and podcasts.

Join a growing community of students as we take you, step by step, through each aspect of your body and mind, putting the power of self-healing back in your hands.

The in-person LEVEL 1 live training it’s normally £1260 (14 days – 84 hours of training = £1,260). The online version is valued at £595 but for a limited time we are offering it for FREE when buying the 5 Functional Herbal Tea Blends Package. 

Yes! We trust that you will keep coming back for more knowledge, and more tea, and progress to levels 2 and 3 of the training. We can’t wait to help you reach you full potential through these profoundly life changing teachings. 

Directing your mind and taking care of your body is the best way to serve your soul.

The Organ Vitality Training is a proven and results-oriented program

Our students say
“I feel very blessed to be taught by Amrit who is a very inspirational teacher. Through his knowledge of Kundalini yoga, the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and now his Organ Vitality Training he has shown me a path to a real and lasting internal happiness and renewed love of life. This has been a truly life changing experience and one which I would recommend without hesitation to anyone.”
Michael Kearton
Shop owner, Eastbourne
“The Organ Vitality Training truly has changed my life. It has enabled me to clear my mind so as to move forward more positively and put me more in tune with the world around me. Amrit who teaches the classes has inspired me to become the person I wanted to become and eminates such warmth, compassion & understanding. I can’t praise the training enough & would highly recommend it to everyone.”
Tim Parkin
Chef, Eastbourne
“I feel very light, very upright and very relaxed. I think what you are doing is definitely improving my immune system as I am successfully digesting a lot of things I don’t usually find easy to digest! Thank you so much – I am always grateful.” ​
Eva de Meza

There is a lot of talk about healthy living and becoming more conscious, but do you have practical, effective tools to achieve this on a daily basis?

About your trainer

Amrit Singh

Founder, Chinese Herbalist, Numerologist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Acupuncturist, Spiritual Life Coach.

I have always been interested in how to harness the power of the mind in order to heal the body. And how to harness the power of the body to heal the mind. This quest has led me to study holistic medicine, nutrition, become a shiatsu practitioner, acupuncturist, herbalist and finally a Kundalini yoga teacher trainer and Karam Kriya numerologist.

During this 30 year period I studied acupuncture and herbal medicine for 4 years under Master Nguyen Thin Thong a third generation herbalist. Further acupuncture and herb training in internal medicine continued with Kiiko Matsumoto, Giovanni Maciocia and John Tindall to name a few. My focus now is on the application of MPD (Medical Pulse Diagnosis) to the prescription of Chinese herbal medicine and DNA (Distal Needling Acupuncture) as developed and taught by Bob Doane. The study of herbal medicine begins in Levels 2 and 3 and with our advanced students and during live events.

As a Kundalini yoga teacher trainer I have trained over 1000 students to become teachers. My own daily yoga and meditaion practice has been, and is, my lifetime commitment. 

Master numerologist Shiv Charan Singh is my spiritual teacher.

The teachings that I have been graced to recieve are unique and priceless. 

The Organ Vitality Training is an integration of these teachings and a culmination of my lifes work to bring harmony to mind, body and soul.


Still have questions? Have a look at the most common queries or WhatsApp us.

The program starts as soon as you buy the five tea package.

You have access to the lessons 24/7 on the website, so you’re be able to learn at your own pace.

As soon as you purchase the package, you will receive an email with your account access information.

You can continue on to Level 2 and 3 and there is an advanced programme beyond this.

We add fresh content on a regular basis.

You’ll always be able to dive deeper into these teachings. New material will be added in the form of podcasts, yoga sets, videos, meditations, lectures and diagrams that facilitate your onward learning process.

There is no time limit on the access to your training so you can complete it at a pace that suits you.

Nothing looks or feels the same after the Organ Vitality Training

Have you spent a lot of time, energy and money trying to resolve stubborn health issues? Are you ready for something that really works? 

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TeaWithinMe is a company that believes in social responsibility and giving back to the global community, helping the environment, and doing our part to promote a variety of diverse socially-conscious organizations:

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The 5 Levels of Healing

The Magic healing the split between mind and soul, crystallizing as the soul; the earth element.

The Medicine managing our energy, turning emotion into devotion, empowerment; the water element.

The Science from right understanding to right action, training the mind, self affirmation; the fire element.

The Art healing in the moment, through our humanity and presence and in community; the air /metal element. 

The Learning healing through balance, in relationship and through the word; the ether/tree element.

Organ Vitality Training Course Itinerary

Integrating body, mind and spirit through the 10 major organs of the body


The Organ Vitality Training is an opportunity for self healing and to offer yourself as a healing presence to everyone you meet. It is based on the belief that we all tend to somatize (manifest psychological and emotional stress through physical symptoms), that this starts in childhood and is our attempt to heal the sense of separation and longing we all feel, to connect more deeply to the spirit.


With this in mind we take the broadest possible, multi faceted approach to health and healing that addresses all five levels of healing, through five healing traditions.


“The body is the temple, take care of it. The mind is energy, regulate it. The soul is the projection, represent it. All Knowledge is false if the soul is not experienced in the body”.

  1. Body, mind and soul in service of our destiny.
  2. The soul speaks through the body; passions, emotions & karmic imprints.
  3. The 5 Elements and 5 Levels of healing.
  4. Your organs; some are posh, some are not and one is extraordinary!
  5. Correlating the 10 Spiritual Bodies and the 10 Organs
  6. Your organs and you. Keeping each other inspired.

Day 4

The Shen; spirits of the yin organs and their role in our spiritual, emotional and psychological life; Shen is mind, Hun is the ethereal soul, Po the corporeal soul, Zhi the willpower and Yi the intellect.

The Officials and Ministries; making the links between organ spirit and function.

Cycles of ill and health as poor communication between mind, body and spirit.

  1. stress
  2. tiredness
  3. mental health problems.

Bringing vitality back through changing thought patterns, lifestyle & behaviour. Strengthening the endocrine, immune and lymphatic systems. Cellular healing.

Introduction to the meridian system and shiatsu.


Day 5

The liver, nervous system & throat chakra. The gallbladder and the Radiant Body.

Kriyas, mantras and meditations for the Physical Body (the 5th spiritual body), practice and analysis.

Asanas and JIng JIn tendonomuscular stretches for the liver and gallbladder.

Becoming your word.

Herbal remedies. Healing foods and recipes. Supplements

Day 6

The bladder JIng JIn tendonomuscular channel and its treatment through shiatsu, stretches, asanas, kriyas and meditations.

Day 7

The kidneys and body fluids.

Kriyas, mantras and meditations for the Pranic Body, practice and analysis.

Asanas and JIng JIn tendonomuscular stretches for the kidneys.

Breaking the fight, flight or freeze cycle to heal trauma and respond creatively and spontaneously in the moment.

Herbal remedies, healing foods and recipes. Supplements.

Day 8

The lungs, pituitary gland, sixth chakra and skin.

Kriyas, mantras and meditations for the Arc Line, practice and analysis.

Asanas and JIng JIn tendonomuscular stretches for the lungs.

Herbal remedies, Healing foods and recipes. Supplements.


Day 9

The large intestine.

Kriyas, mantras and meditations for the Neutral Mind, practice and analysis.

Asanas and JIng JIn tendonomuscular stretches for the large intestine.

The gut brain.

Herbal remedies, Healing foods and recipes. Supplements

Day 10

The spleen/pancreas and bones.

Kriyas, mantras and meditations for the Subtle Body, practice and analysis.

Asanas and JIng JIn tendonomuscular stretches for the spleen.

Herbal remedies, Healing foods and recipes. Supplements.


Day 11

The stomach.

Kriyas, mantras and meditations for the Soul. Practice and analysis.

Asanas and JIng JIn tendonomuscular stretches for the stomach.

Herbal remedies, Healing foods and recipes. Supplements

Day 12

The small intestine, digestive system and triple heater.

Kriyas, mantras and meditations for the Positive Mind, practice and analysis.

Asanas and JIng JIn tendonomuscular stretches for the small intestine and triple heater.

Herbal remedies, Healing foods and recipes. Supplements.


Day 13

The heart and pericardium, circulatory system, muscles and aura.

Kriyas, mantras and meditations for the Aura, practice and analysis.

Asanas and JIng JIn tendonomuscular stretches for the heart and pericardium.

Herbal remedies, Healing foods and recipes. Supplements.


Day 14

Using date of birth analysis based on Karam Kriya to make diagnoses and suggest healing pathways.

Putting it all into committed practice.

Exploring career options; as a stand-alone practice or as an add on to an existing therapy/yoga practice

Included with each webinar

Healing Therapies. Further training

There will be the opportunity for further training in pulse and tongue diagnosis, the theory and practice of commonly used acupressure points, the administration of commonly used Chinese and Western herbal medicine formulas.

More about Amrit

I was meditating for 2.5 hours everyday for 120 days. I needed a break through, badly. I was about 80 days in and felt an intense anger and an irresistable urge to move, to escape the process. I pressed down harder into the hand position I was holding, shaking with the force.

Where was this feeling coming from? A pressure started releasing from my spine and chest insistent to be heard. I scanned my mind anxious that I couldn’t place it

Was it anger at my ex, my Father, jealousy? I couldn’t even say it was anger at God. It had no direction it was primal, devoid of any memory. It was welling up from time immemorial. I could have killed in that moment. At the same time it felt like such a relief, like the fullest, most complete burp you can imagine! This energy was leaving me and I felt entirely satisfied, complete.

It was during that same time that I saw the personalities that live in us. I had read about them in the ancient medical classic the Su Wen but now I saw them in a subterranean underwater world, like characters in a Disney movie. I knew they have a voice and I wanted them to be heard.

There is a fire burning inside each of us that longs to be given a voice. A grace and a regality that is the essence of who we really are. It is the Artist in us but also the Warrior. The Emperor who exists to let us know that all is well.

The greatest gift I have given myself and others is my loyalty to uncover the most effective ways to feel good consistently. I have had numerous health problems; colitis brought about through picking up 3 different parasities whilst in India, though my digestion from a young age was never strong. Severe urinary urgency/incontinence. I have lived with the diagnosis of ADHD (made by one clinican and refuted by another!).

I prefer to say a learning difference (true for all of us) Mental health is, of course as important as physical health, but with so much contradictory advice I was riddled with doubts about the best way to achieve either.

I started my journey after reading Freud’s essays at 14 and diagnosing myself with OCD. Recognising obsessiveness as both a liability and an asset. I cured myself of it by recognising it was part of a longing that transcends emotion, time and space.

Kundalini Yoga and meditation, herbal medicine and nurition have been key in accessing a vitality and a peace of mind that I recognise is not so common.