Focus the Spleen


The Master’s blend contains clarifying lemongrass, warming ginger and gloriously sweet fennel; traditionally used to clear damp and awaken your senses so you can become more focused on the task at hand.

*Naturally Caffeine Free

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Stimulate your Digestion and Center your Mind


In ancient yogic science, the spleen is known as the master.  Like a fountain, it regenerates us by spreading energy to all parts of the body.  Working tirelessly, it is always looking for jewels in the mud.


Constantly recycling your blood, it helps fuel your mind to produce industrious and creative work… but over or under eating, a rushed lifestyle and mental stress can take their toll, making you bloated, sluggish and unfocused.


This is why the Master’s blend is a unique combination of Kundalini yoga, meditations and herbs, to stimulate your digestion and center your mind.


35.5 Gr.