Elevate the heart


The Emperor’s blend contains beetroot, hawthorn and lemon balm traditionally used to regulate and soothe the Heart combined with passion flower, cumin and orange blossom for a flavor similar to black tea but without the caffeine.

*Naturally Caffeine Free

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Herbal Tea to Regulate, Elevate and Soothe the Heart.


In ancient yogic science, the heart is known as the emperor.  It responds immediately to our state of mind, either serving our soul or our ego.  It can be a kind leader or a ruthless tyrant.


The healthy beat of your heart warms your feet and calms the mind but the heart is especially reactive to stress.  Sleep is disturbed, anxiety increases and the bodies’ natural rhythm is thrown out of balance.


Your focus suddenly floats away, plans cannot be followed through, emotions and fears take hold.


This is why the Emperor’s blend is a unique combination of yoga, meditation, herbs, to calmly elevate you into a place of serenity.


35.5 Gr.


Beetroot (32%), Hawthorn (20%), Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Linden Blossom, Passion Flower, Cumin, Orange Blossom.