Charge the Kidneys


Spicy cinnamon, five tastes schisnandra berries and strenghtening and calming ashwagandha are traditionally used as a warming tonic for the kidenys.

*Naturally Caffeine Free

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Recharge and Stay Focused


In ancient yogic science, the kidneys are known as the wise ones.  They are responsible for the skill to direct your energy efficiently; freeing up your vitality for what serves you best in the long run.


Your kidneys are very hard workers.  They clean the blood up to 60x per day.  When your energy levels are depleted they have to work even harder.  You may feel cold, weak, tired, get back pain, feel hot at night, sleep poorly, and lose your mental sharpness.


This is why the wise ones’ blend is a unique combination of Kundalini yoga, meditation, and herbs, to recharge your kidneys so that you stay focused on what’s most important.


35.5 Gr.


Cinnamon (25%), shisandra berries (17%), ashwagandha, apple pieces, rosehip, licorice, black peppercorns, cloves, orange peel, natural flavoring.

*Contains licorice: People suffering from hypertension shoul avoid excessive consumption