Release the Liver


Roasted Dandelion, stimulating turmeric, sweet and sour goji berries.  Traditionally used for detoxifying and moving the liver energy.  Rich and deep in character this is the ideal coffee replacement with a similar taste.

*Naturally Caffeine Free

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Detoxify and Balance the Liver


In ancient yogic science, the liver is known as the teacher.  Acting as a bridge between how you think and how you feel.  It gives you the best strategies for how to learn, achieve balance and welcome change.


The largest of our inner organs, the liver is a chemical factory that transforms one thing into another.  It makes sure your body gets what it needs in the right form, and that what it doesn’t need is eliminated.


When you put it under extra pressure to detoxify, you can feel up and down emotionally and you are more tired.


This is why the Teacher blend is a unique combination of Kundalini Yoga, meditation and herbs; to help cleanse and support the liver so that you can be more balanced and full of life.


35.5 Gr.


Turmeric root (29%), roasted dandelion root (16%), beetroot, cinnamon, burdock root, carrot flakes, goji berries, black pepercorns.