Expand the Lungs


Intensely lemony, lemon myrtle combined with the sweet floral taste of elderflowers; traditionally used for their ability to ward off colds and reduce inflammation.

*Naturally Caffeine Free

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Re-Oxygenate, Breath Deeper and Support Immunity


In ancient yogic science, the lungs are known as the artist.  They are the force the keeps you inspired, grateful and full of faith; even when the going gets tough.


When your cells are filled with oxygen, your mind is clear and you can see the way ahead.


When your lungs are compromised your mind is cloudy, you feel dull and are more vulnerable to colds and the flu.


This is why the Artist blend is a unique combination or Kundalini yoga, meditation and herbs, used to re-oxygenate, promote deeper breather and support immunity.


35.5 Gr.


Liquorice, lemon myrtle (23%), elderflower (20%), orange peel, schisandra, berries, elderberries.

*Contains licorice: People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption